Wednesday, September 10, 2014

If you [mustache]'s a Little Man 1st Birthday Party {Part One}

A baby's 1st birthday is a huge milestone for all parents. Since a one year old doesn't really have much to say, yet, this is probably the only time a parent has the liberty to choose a theme of their choice. And so....a mustache party was born. 
This 1st birthday was designed for a happy little boy, Vaughn, whose smile always brightens up a room. We chose turquoise and orange as the color theme to reflect his vibrant, playful, and uplifting spirit. The stripes along with the chevron pattern gave a more modern aesthetic to a very classic theme and we incorporated these elements throughout.

 Mom and her lil' man

Custom made invites set the tone and stage for the design elements of the party.

Party favors

Candy Popcorn

 Weight lifts....naturally

This concludes part one of our Little Man 1st birthday party...."the goodies"
Part two will consist of "the fun"....coming soon.

Rachel J.


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