Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lara had a Little Lamb {Baby Shower}

Inspired by the storybook nursery rhyme, this baby shower with earth tones and soft, wooly textures became..... Lara's having a little lamb. We wanted to surround the mother-to-be with everything soft, fluffy and fuzzy (and masculine too of course).  Being swaddled in a plush cloud was the emotion we wanted to elude and what else evokes that feeling more, than a puffy, cute lamb.  The centerpieces consisted of an adorable lamb with his manly, blue bow tie, different textured yarn star bursts on manzanita tree branches, and burlap hurricane lamps. This little lamb got a lot of attention.

 Custom hand-made invitations

Burlap shoes!!

Custom blue, bow tie lambs as escort cards.

Gifts for the baby shower game participants

...and his fleece was white as snow! 

Rachel J. 


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