Friday, October 16, 2015

Pumpkins and Bats for Halloween

Pumpkins and Bats for Halloween!
Here's a quick and easy way to spruce up your fireplace and add some Halloween spirit to any space. 

 Start off by clearing out the space with any decorative pieces. 

Bring out all Halloween decor and assemble one by one, starting with the larger pieces first. In this case, I started with the one, big, white pumpkin, since it was the only white one I had.  Then I placed the big burlap pumpkin off to the side to counter balance the white pumpkin. I then added 2 medium sized, straw bales, one on top of the other to give some height and movement, and placed the gold pumpkin there. Next, to counter balance the two bales, I added one bale on the opposite side with one, small, burlap pumpkin on it so that it counter balances the larger burlap pumpkin on the opposite side. Finally, I added all the small pumpkins into the gaps and filled in the space. You always, want to take a step back and look at the entire composition. This helps with tweeking some things around to make it look perfect. 

 These small, baby pumpkins, I decided to place on top of the fireplace: A) because they are really small and got lost on the bottom with the larger pumpkins. B) the top looked empty with nothing on it, so this gave it a good balance and tied top and bottom together. I used a small bale for these lil' guys. 

 To add some Halloween spook, I added paper bats from the Martha Stewart Halloween Collection. They are very light and easy to assemble and with some double sided tape....Voila! 

Quick, easy and super fun for the kids. 

Rachel J. 

Black, LED tree and Pumpkin, Martha Stewart Bats: Michaels Stores
Bales: Shindigz
Pumpkins: JoAnn Fabrics
Mirrior: Z Gallerie
Cowhide Rug: West Elm
Rustic Wood table: Pampa Furniture

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