DIY Painted Table Runner

The easiest and cutest #DIY painted table runner for an Art Party. 

Spruce up your table with a hand painted table runner that will "WOW" your guests and add a whole lot of cuteness! It's super's what you'll need:
1. Roll of easel paper
2. Acrylic Paint
3. Space

This roll I found at Michael's. Open it up and lay a long piece down to start your splatter. Please be sure to cover your floor, whether you're painting outside or inside, you will be making a big mess and this paint is permanent. 

Get your acrylic paint tubes ready.....assorted colors are fun for an Art Party. 

Start your drizzle and splatter! The paper will start to get a bit wet and warp a bit around all the paint splatter, it's normal. Just let it dry completely and you're set. 

Once it's dry, you can cut the paper down to whatever size you need, cut it in a square or cut it in half to make a thinner table runner. 

Have fun!! 

Rachel J. 


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